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Hey Johnd817. Just noticed your comment. Thanks. But what does ddacbcfbegdf mean?! Well alrightee then...
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Hey Vito, Remember me? (I married Nancy Ledner in'75) Living with Nancy in Tucson, Arizona. I used to play guitar w/you and Dave Randall a little. I was still learning how to jam for the most part then. I bought Dave's blond Les Paul. How have you been? Enjoyed your music. Has a distinctly 70s vibe to it... in my opinion? I'm gonna guess that's your beautiful vintage SG I hear on your recordings. Am I right? Email me sometime if you remember me. I'd love to catch up w/you. God bless, man!
Get Stuff! I remember playing IT WASN'T TIME with Vito when we were younger. Drummer from Phrame
Tuesday night I dreamt that you were playing your songs on piano for your fans. Then you started doing some jazzy improv. Then we had a question & answer session about your music, your songwriting process. I started talking about the “healing nature” of your songs. You were happy to be playing for people who appreciated & enjoyed your music. I just feel so strongly that your music is powerful, quality composition, and that you have created “enduring” music. The fact that you wrote all these parts---vocal melody, piano, synth, drums, bass, guitar, harpsichord, horns---and put it all together in a colorful, cohesive, cogent musical mosaic, AND managed to time it all perfectly, shows the depth of your talent.
WOW beautiful job on the was very emotional to hear your voice pouring out the depth of your soul...felt like the words could have been written by me regarding similar experiences...the dreams, the thoughts that haunt us for years and's a lonely job constantly having to find out this stuff all on our own...perhaps we all have these similar experiences.... so many experiences of intensity that mold us...
Your music is beautifl. And the site is put together very well. Thanks for inviting me to listen.
Nice Site Man ! I lke the music to .
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