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Corporate Raiders, Leveraged Buyouts, Private Equity Firms, The Dark Side of Wall Street, and Greed.

Wow, what a mess. But everything is relative, one way or another. Interesting story, for more reasons then one; because we all know the ole' saying: "where there's smoke, there's fire." Note: The original full length documentary video of a very interesting story featured on CNBC's 'American Greed' that I had initially posted here was eventually removed from YouTube, but this rather brief news story is basically what the documentary was in reference to, and what I had commented about above... 


"This is what happens when you deregulate. Greedy people will always gravitate to money and will do anything and everything to get it. It's like telling a crack head not to smoke crack in a crack house. I know it's a free country and you should be able to conduct your business to be as profitable as possible, but not when you want to destroy the country's economy for personal gains."  -Clark Kent (YouTube Viewer)


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