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Wow, what a mess. But everything is relative, one way or another. Interesting story, for more reasons then one; because we all know the ole' saying: "where there's smoke, there's fire." Note: The original full length documentary video of a very interesting story featured on CNBC's 'American Greed' that I had initially posted here was eventually removed from YouTube, but this rather brief news story is basically what the documentary was in reference to, and what I had commented about above... 


"This is what happens when you deregulate. Greedy people will always gravitate to money and will do anything and everything to get it. It's like telling a crack head not to smoke crack in a crack house. I know it's a free country and you should be able to conduct your business to be as profitable as possible, but not when you want to destroy the country's economy for personal gains."  -Clark Kent (YouTube Viewer)


Here, (in the above video) we have a VERY interesting (relatively little understood) and EXCELLENT example of why it is quite often the case, when things just don't seem to add up - in relation to when important quality of life related services are cut for instance, yet things like property taxes, rent, (when the average area salary doesn't seem to match the local cost of housing for example) and the general cost of living in a particular area still increases nevertheless; even despite what many of us now know about the billions of dollars (collecting compound interest no less) in most county and state Rainy Day Funds! The reason is ALMOST ALWAYS because of corruption, and the usual related white collar crimes such as Embezzlement, and selfish greed. (Everything is relative). Duh. (And I'm not talking about say someone who has a huge gambling debt, or a sick child with huge hospital costs for example, but it is almost always because of simple, although quite often somewhat involved, selfish, premeditated greed and corruption). This is  usually also the case with a business, company, or corporation as well - when they are pulling in tons of money for instance, and the place is still sorta' like falling apart; and/or the wealth is sorta like not being spread around and reflected in the salaries of its employees for example. (Which could also be kinda' like part of a company's business model). Usually, this means, someone (or more often then not, a group of individuals) is on the take. The signs are ALWAYS there, in one way or another. You just have to be smart enough (and/or have the experience in such environments) to recognize it. And another thing that I've noticed regarding these things, time after time again, (one way or another), is that corruption breeds corruption (and becomes like a cancer) until it is dealt with in some way...

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