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The New Era - The Way I'm Feeling You

Dig it man! Dig the very end of this track by Madonna (from her 'Ray of Light' album). It's the very riff from The Beach Boys song: 'Feel Flows' - that I have posted at the top of this page! Blew me away when I first heard it. Funny how nobody that I know of (at this point in time anyway) has ever really noticed that, or pointed that out. (Including Madonna, to the best of my knowledge). Coincidence? It may even be intentional. I don't know. But I thought it was pretty interesting, one way or the other - when I had bought the album myself and first heard the track - back on Long Island, some time ago already. Just thought I would share that here, as food for thought, if nothing else. Either way, I think it is really cool. The album itself is pretty deep and really good...

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